Tom's Message

One thing I would tell my younger self is it is okay to treat everyone the way you want to be treated but not everyone should be trusted. Not everyone is looking out for what you are trying to do to benefit yourself/others. 

Focus more on personal happiness and to not give in to the peer pressure of others. Focus on the ones that you know truly love you and have your back. Remember them when you think life isn't what you want it to be.

You can't please everyone, focus on pleasing the ones you love, especially yourself. It is okay to be selfish when necessary so don't beat yourself up.

Be positive even if it looks like the smallest hole in the wall. There are people who love and care for you so if you can't keep it together yourself look to those who have and always will hold you together. 

At the same time, keep the door open to new friends/influences, life is about connections and the human race could have never gotten this far without learning off of each other or the experiences that mold us. So continue to grow. Stop being so afraid of judgment and just say fuck it. Do you...πŸšͺ

A message i would like to send the world is that we can never change the world if can't change ourselves. Our homes are only a temporary one in the house of God and the Earth. We are at the mercy of them both and we need to open our eyes and realize what we are doing to our environment/selves.  πŸŒ²πŸ

At the end of the world none of the petty political/personal interest bullshit will matter and that might be the only thing that will wake everyone the hell up. We all bleed the same color and all die so why waste our time with ignorance/fear of change. πŸ‘

We have forgotten our natural pure instinct and morals that have built man kind that make us thrive. I fear the day that no one knows how to do anything with their hands without a cell phone in it. As a species we are selfish and destructive and if we don't change it will be too late.

Youniversally yours,

Brittany Galipeau