My Message

Hello ❤ My name is Brittany and I am currently a mental health councelor, aspiring motivational photographer and inspirational influencer. I chose this path because I believe that everyone has a story we can learn from. 📚📖
I made this page to give people a place to speak their truth and send their authentic messages out into the universe for others to pick up a little inspiration from them. And for these awesome people to look back at the bad ass humans they are 💪💕
I have the honor of knowing and getting to connect with them,more than just the snap shot of their story here. Let me tell you, they are amazing 💫
They have all been asked to send two messages to this page.
1. A message for their younger self.👶
2. A message for the greater good of the world.🌍 My messages are as follows:
1. You are worthy of people and have something beautiful inside of you to share. Yes, the right people will listen. You are enough and always have been.
2." A candle will never go out if it lights a million more. " Your gift is that candle, let it shine! 🕯
And if you don't know what your gift is yet, follow your happy and trust the process. Something big is coming for you. 💓
Most importantly, you are not alone 🚫
I hope you find happiness and inspiration in these beautiful messages. I know I have 💌

Youniversally Yours,


Brittany Galipeau