Mallory's Message

My message to my younger self would be that you can be smart and strong and beautiful all at once. You don’t have to fit into anyone boxes or accept the version of yourself that others project. It’s okay to want more. It’s okay to disappoint people to makes yourself feel whole and happy. You need to take care of yourself before everyone else- it’s like putting the oxygen mask on yourself first. Also- you’re am amazing person, so expect... no demand, to be treated as such. My message to the world is to always find the silver linings. ☄

You may not have a choice in every situation, but the way you REACT to it IS YOUR CHOICE. Life is way more enjoyable if you focus on the silver linings. Sometimes they’re super obvious and sometimes you have to search for them, but they’re always there. So lead with optimism and joy 💕

Youniversally yours,

Brittany Galipeau