Dave's Message

My message to myself is to stay calm and try not to worry about everything. I sometimes forget that I’m not alone in my struggles and that I’m really headed in a good direction. I’ve been driving myself insane over the years just worrying about things that were kind of just made up in my head. I always felt like my life was falling into shambles when, on paper📝 everything was fine: I had friends and family that loved me and spent time with me, I had a job and was in school, and… I don’t know… everything was moving in the right direction and I kept beating myself up over it all. It wasn’t helping me at all and I just have to chill.❄

I think my message to the world is to assume the best intentions. It seems like, more and more these days, people are walking around with this idea that everyone’s out to get them or that others are just looking to pick fights, when my experience has been kind of the opposite of that. Granted, there are definitely some assholes out there just trying to start shit, but I think most of us are just sort of reactive to the energy 🔌we receive from the world around us. I think if we give people the benefit of the doubt – if we assume that they just want to be heard and understood – then I think it takes a lot of power out of all that angst and bad juju that’s been going around. ⚖

Youniversally yours,

Brittany Galipeau