Happiness Engineer
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Photography Testimonials:

“ Brittany took the time to sit with before our wedding to ask what we wanted it to feel like. It was the first time I thought about the emotions behind my wedding and how I wanted my photos. I told her joy and laughter, and she delivered! Our wedding despite the rain and how cold it was, she had my husband and I playing in the leaved, running in the fields and all our closest family jumping in the pictures. She made some of my favorite memories from that day come to life. I highly recommend her as a wedding photographer. Not only because of her eye and ability to capture moments but her calming presence and ability to bring out your best and truest side.” - Ali Z.

“Brittany took our Holiday photos for us and let's just say they came out beautifully! She truly is so amazing at what she does. She has an amazing eye for finding great photo opportunities while also capturing some amazing candid moments! Brittany also was super patient with our adorable senior dog who doesn't always do what we want him to do. All in all it was a fun experience having her take our photos and we would recommend her to anyone!”- Brittany W.

Program Reviews:

“I’m so excited to conquer this lol and honestly this week was so fun, eye opening, get my creative skills up and running.. everything it was just such a blast. I’m a little sad it’s over lol I was so excited to get the email each morning!! This really helped me with being happier! I feel like I’m a pretty happy person to begin with but sometimes stuff gets in the way and this was a reminder to focus on how I can make myself happy just with little things... which I can now carry every day forward!”- Robyn C.