Watering Our Thought Garden

Ever get stuck in those negative moods, where every thought you have has a negative twist to it? Even the most beautiful of sun rises or biggest of raises can’t get you out of your head.

Maybe its not the negative mood but an anxious one, where you’re just waiting for the next “shoe to drop”.

I have been there.. and constantly go back to visit.

See thats the thing about this whole Happiness Engineering. You can’t know what Happiness is with out the other thoughts. It’s part of the package. If you are able to Engineer Happiness then you are able to understand all of your emotions are meant to be in our gardens. They each need to be watered and cared for, because with out them, we are not living and we can not know Happiness.

Those thoughts we try so hard to weed from our garden are there to direct you, and give you guidance on your path. If we can learn not to touch the hot stove because it burns us, then we have now taken one step towards a more comfortable, less hurtful experience later on. The hot stove is the weed, and it needed to be experienced before it could be pulled to leave you with a more beautiful, fruitful garden.

This is just one of the many metaphors I could use.

But the bottom line is, if you are angry because someone said something to you that wasn’t aligned with your truth, or pissed off because something didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, or really afraid of having that conversation you need to have. That anger, fear and sadness is the tool to get you through to the other side. To know what weeds to pull and what seeds to water.

Fact of the matter is, that if we don’t listen, they grow bigger and bigger… until our gardens are dried out and all that’s left is the weeds.

Gardens take consistent work and effort. Learn from the weeds and water the seeds and your garden will be beautiful.

Bomb drop…..

AKA… learn from your pain, stop throwing yourself in front of the bus, put the big person panties on, and do the tough stuff because otherwise.. it never changes.

Brittany Galipeau