Happy New Year!

My 5 top lessons from 2018

  1. Things happen for you, not to you.

This one is about mindset shifts, and one hard lesson I had to continuously learn.

2018 showed me that I needed to change my mindset around challenges and how I faced them. I heard these words on a podcast from who I can not remember but they went like this. “ Things happen for you, not to you.” Now there may be exceptions to this rule. But usually when the bad stuff happens or the low vibes hit, theres a gift of a lesson that we over look because it is wrapped in thorns. My lesson through the little shit storms 2018 gave me taught me that life is never guaranteed, the only thing that is guaranteed is that it will end eventually. This is morbid and harsh on some levels but its a truth we often times go through our day not thinking about ( auto piloting).

When you begin to realize that these bad things are happening for you, you can begin to take back your power from a situation and not play the victim role. You will never solve any of your problems from the victim role, you will only attract more.

This mindset shift also allows for me to be more trustful in that all things happen for a reason. I don’t get as caught up in the minor details and can better see things for what they are instead of what I impose on them (we all do this, i am not a saint).

2. Be unapologetic about what makes you happy!

No more hiding! When you hide your happiness, your playing small. When you play small you’re trying to stay in a shell that no longer fits you. Its uncomfortable and and will continue to be more uncomfortable until you finally move out and find your new one. How do you find your new shell? Follow your happy.

For me it was thinking about the 5 pillars of happiness that I have talked about before.

  1. Social support ( finding people that fully support you and being ok with accepting the help and support they are willing to give). In 2018, it was putting myself out there, joining a mastermind, beginning network marketing, going live on Tuesdays, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones!

  2. Physical activity ( move your body, it feels good after, I promise) For this one I slowed down, in the past I have always had either a half marathon, triathlon or something I was aiming for. I listened to my body and picked up slower moving fitness. Casey helped me create a workout routine that I am proud to say I have stuck to in 2018 <3

  3. Creative outlet ( express yourself! Journal, read, paint, play ( video games are included), create!) This is where my photography came into play and I love it! I may be young in the game but I absolutely am unapologetic when I take out my camera to snap a moment!

  4. Faith ( Your driving force, in what ever form that is for you). I had to work hard on this one. My meditation practice helped a lot. Those low moments knocked my faith around a lot but I am 100% unapologetic about my belief in a higher power and my faith in myself grew too!

  5. Awareness ( Getting to know yourself). I spent a lot of time on this one. I needed to become self aware so I could have good self care.

So think about it, which one of these pillars could you unapologetically expand on???!!!! And get excited doing so!

3. Use fear as a navigational tool.

There is two sides to every story. Fears story has two sides too. Listen to the hopes that come with the fears. What is it that your so afraid of? And reframe that question to well what is it that I’m hoping for?

This one will be life changing and bring so much into your life that you have been HOPING FOR!

4. Be Present

By working on being in the moment and having one pointed attention with what ever or who ever I was with, I actually found myself to be less fatigued by the end of the day. Bring your attention to the present moment with what ever it is that you are doing and you will save your energy because it wont be spreading out all over the place ( phone, tv, worries, background noise, etc).

While meditating I am working on being completely present with myself, kicking out what ever thoughts don’t serve me or even come from me. Then when your in the present moment with others, you’ll be much more comfortable with what your saying, doing or being. Being present with the people you are with is also the best gift you can give them. That way they are not just getting half of you, but they’re getting all of your attention and I know I have some amazing people in my life that deserve that.

5. Building a community and connections.

That is what this whole web site is all about!!!

Helping people design, build, and maintain the clarity and happiness of the mind through navigational tools and a strong community.

Refer to #2 and run through the pillars of happiness… #1 is a support system.

We are stronger in numbers because even if we get what we want and we don’t have anyone, its lonely at the top. We are not in this alone. Once I began opening myself up to accepting help and support from the people I loved, more solutions and connections grew.

There were so many other lessons that 2018 gave to me, but these I would have to say are my top 5. They have given me so much clarity for 2019. I cant wait to continue to share this journey with you.

Happy New Year and Happy “ You” Year!

Brittany Galipeau