Giving and Receiving

Being that we’ve just moved through the season of giving, I had some reflections of the difficulties of the two sides of the Holiday season.

Giving gifts and receiving them.

I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed finding meaningful gifts for others, so why is it always so hard for me to receive them?

This wont be a blog post on presents, though if you thats how you relate then I hope this finds you well. But like any other post, it has a deeper meaning than that.

We’ve all heard the saying that “There are two types of people in this world, those who are givers and those who are takers.” Well what if we reworded this into giving and receiving.

Often times we find that there are people that give their whole heart, all of their energy and time into situations and have a hard time receiving help or gifts back.

Then there are others who easily receive what the world has to give to them but have a hard time giving back in fear of loosing what they have.

Just like any extreme, only being able to give or only being able to receive can be unhealthy.

Why because its all about balance.

I tend to fall upon the giving side and its something that easily fills my cup, given the right circumstances.

So why is it a problem you ask? Because sometimes I don’t always look before I give. I give my energy, my time, my feelings to people or situations that are splashing all the water out of my cup but because my natural mission is to give back to people I push on and wonder why I am depleted by the end of it.

I also have many people in my life that are hard core givers back to me and I often have trouble with these people because my stubborn independent “ I need to learn to do this on my own” self, becomes extremely uncomfortable when they offer gifts or help of any kind.

I hear you universe….. I’m learning.

Upon reflecting on my own difficulties, I wondered what it would be like to be a receiver. Some one that fully accepted what ever people and the universe was trying to give them. This sounds nice right?

But we all know people on the extreme side of receiving as well. Always accepting help, advice, gifts and what ever you can think of but have a hard time giving any energy, time or care back. They’ve built up their walls so high that nothing can get out with out something of their benefit coming in.

So I stopped to think. What was it that these receivers tried to give once upon a time ago that was rejected? Was it love? Was it time? Was it energy?

I can only speak from my own experiences but when I thought about it from a different perspective other than getting frustrated with those I have found to be receivers in my life. I felt compassion and a different type of understanding.

It further strengthened my thoughts of everything in life needs balance.

Giving and receiving is a lot like breathing.

If your inhaling (receiving) you need to exhale (give) other wise you take in too much and suffocate/isolate yourself.

As you exhale (give) you need to inhale (receive) to be able to survive and fill your cup.

Where do you feel you could be giving or receiving more?

Find your balance and keep breathing,


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Brittany Galipeau