Happiness Engineering

Some of you logging onto my page are probably thinking “ What the heck is Britt talking about, Happiness Engineer?”

When I began meditating, my teacher had us do an interesting experiment. We had to close our eyes and say “yes” to ourselves 10x and see how we felt afterwards. Then we had to do the same thing again but this time, tell ourselves “no”. He said that this is how you know when your making decisions that fill your cup or when your making a decision that will take away from your cup. You instantly feel it in your body whether that decision is restricting you or expanding.

Now I am a yes person, people pleaser, big heart, etc. So for me saying yes was easy, but saying yes to myself was always difficult. Saying yes to myself was my first move in beginning to designing a path of happiness.

In today’s world where the hustle is life and we wear so many hats to so many people, we are often pouring from an empty cup. Then I thought about how our brains are energy fed systems and it began to make sense. We are spending our mental energy dry for things we think we are supposed to be doing or feel obligated to do and then using our reserves for the things we truly love.

No wonder there are so many people burning out from their jobs, relationships, and life.

This is what got me thinking.

An engineer is someone who designs, builds and maintains structures. Well if we made happiness the path on our journey then we would be designing it, building it and maintaining it.

That’s what I’m hoping to help you do. Find the things that make you expand and say “hell yes,” do more of them until you have built your happiness because it comes from with in. Cheesy but true. If you wait for something or someone to make you happy, your not going to be happy. Finally, once you have built it, then maintaining it with what else but whatever it is that makes you happy!

Now I know this sounds like a crazy idea and “easier said than done”. There are totally outside factors that can influence our happiness, and I continue to walk this path everyday. But if we don’t start somewhere then we will never get there.

A major factor that helped me out with building my own happiness was people. Saying yes to the right people and putting positivity in my ears every day. If my brain couldn’t do it. I had someone else on the other side of a podcast or blog that could get me out of my funk and back on my path.

So imagine building a community where personal happiness is the goal, what our days would turn into.

Thats what Happiness Engineering is to me and I’d love to help you figure out yours.

Be Happy


Brittany Galipeau