Learning to Surf the Energy Waves

Over the weekend we took a trip to Ogunquit, Maine which is the southern coast of Maine.

Over the previous week before our trip I was fighting a bad cold which had taken a knock on my energy level. But I was so excited for this trip, that my low vibe from my sickness was blown away from my excitement for this trip.

Throughout the trip numerous hurdles continued to get in our way, from traffic getting there, to a late night driving back home. Throughout the weekend there were multiple ups and downs but over all a good weekend. What I recognized was this… Being able to balance out my energy and enjoy this trip in an energy of flow was slightly more difficult than it has been before. I generally pride myself on my ability to go with the flow… so what was it that was making this so difficult??

Was I really upset that we couldn’t find parking because it was so packed from the weekends festival? Was I really bummed out because I didn’t like the food I had gotten at the restaurant?

I began to notice the people that I was with, had this weird energy pull happening as well. Happy, sad, angry, excited……

What was strange is that I had been doing different exercises to keep my energy balanced when in unbalanced environments due to my current work situation. But what I hadn’t noticed was that I was not taking into consideration that my physical energy was still being pulled by the illness that I had been experiencing throughout the week. I had assumed that because I was so excited about the trip that it would automatically balance myself back out just because “ Hey its vacation!” But heres the thing about balance and growing as a human. If you are not watching your energy levels, you will continue to be pulled by the energy that surrounds you.

Like the moon on the tides of the mighty ocean, as it turns the tides come in and the tides go out.

When you forget to check in with how you’re really doing, and not taking into consideration of your own needs, you tend to go with the tide. Before you know it you’re washed up on shore, dying of thirst because you didn’t know that the tide was going out when you thought it was going in.

To get out of the metaphor, making sure that your thoughts are your own and not thoughts of the others around you can severely impact your mood and energy. I adopted the mood and energy of the ones that I was with because I didn’t have the energy to focus my own. In turn, I was unable to help the situations, come up with solutions, and just became a part of the problem.

This is a hard one to talk about because I would love to say “Oh it was a great vacation and I really just learned about something inspiring here.” But I wouldn’t be doing anyone a service if I kept it to myself.

Your thoughts become your words, and your words become your actions. Make sure they are your own. When you’re around people that are having a low vibe time, remember to check in with yourself and ask “who am I?” Am I really upset about parking and food?” Or am I just adopting someone else’s pains?

If you stay true to yourself, you will probably end up being a part of the solution because vibes effect vibes, just like the moon! Making myself a higher vibe, automatically brings others vibes up! And as Einstien said “ the solution can not be found on the level the problem was asked.” or something like that. Basically saying that in order to find solutions, you need to be on a higher level!

We all have this potential if we choose to look inward and not get caught up on the out. Remember, “If you don’t go in, you go with out.” Mic drop…


Brittany Galipeau