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Hey there!

I”m Brittany


Your average hammock camping, photo taking, dog loving, counselor from beautiful upstate NY. Surrounded by the Adirondack and Catskill mountain ranges, you can usually find me somewhere out there hanging in a hammock with my best friend of a Fiancé, Casey.

I’m an experience junkie enjoying everything this world has to offer, especially in my own backyard.

I’ve always been this way, but I would be lying if I said that I was always able to show it. Dealing with crippling anxiety growing up, especially around people, made me miss out on a lot of experiences. I was so shy, I would ask my friends if they could see if our teachers would let me go to the bathroom… ( face palm here).

What changed?

Why am I able to have my own website where I open up about vulnerable topics and real shit?

Well over the course of my life, I’ve met some seriously inspirational and motivating people that have helped me believe in me. They were vulnerable, open and honest. This made me admire them even more.

If i ran through the list of how many people truly helped me break out of my shell, no one would read this because it would take months! But I want to highlight a few people.

  1. My dad: He taught me not to take life to seriously and how laughter can bring people together. I wouldn’t be doing him justice if I didn’t talk about the tree metaphor he is famous for! To keep your roots grounded but let your branches sore! Allowing me to feel safe in taking risks and chances in life because I always had my roots.

  2. My high school cheerleading coach: She taught me how to be tough, loud and break out of my comfort zones. She helped me build connections and be confident. I still don’t know if she realizes how much of an impact that was.

  3. Casey: Its amazing when you bring people into your life that love you for exactly who you are, you begin to see value in yourself and know exactly what you can bring to the table.

There have been SOOO many more beautiful people that were brought into my life and I am grateful for everyone of them.

What I realized through my battle with anxiety was that when you surround yourself with people that can reflect back what you need or shine a light for you to follow. You begin to break down your barriers that you have built up and the world doesn’t feel so lonely or scary any more.

This is ONE of the reasons I decided to become a counselor after having a prosperous careers as a hair dresser and going to school for teaching math, I jumped ship all together because I wanted to help others in a bigger way.

There were many more life altering events that confirmed that counseling was the way to go for me. It was also forcing me out of my comfort zone to face my fears that were following me around ever since I was a little girl asking her friends to see if the teacher would let her go to the bathroom.

What I know now is that I was following my happy to create a life that was authentic to me. And my happy was on the other side of those fears.

During my undergraduate years, I heard one of my professors say :

“Listen to the Hopes that come with the Fears”

And thats when my fears began to really break down. I began thinking what if our fears are really a compass to what we really want! Not what we don’t?

Jump forward a few years and I finished my masters and began working as a counselor for individuals that suffered cognitive impairment from a Traumatic Brain Injury.

This was a job that I hunted down! I had observed this cognitive training program 2 years before I went to school for Mental Health Counseling and right away I asked “ How do I get a job here?” They said go to UAlbany and do your internship with us.

Sign, sealed and delivered, I did just that and landed that job!

Working in a cognitive training program with individuals that are relearning basic cognition and behavior like focusing, processing, decision making, and holding back impulses, to name a few. Made me realize how much our brain really does for us when it comes to clarity and happiness.

It also made me realize how much our brains do for us that we take for granted. How much they contribute to our overall happiness and wellbeing. How the brain is the driving mechanism to this vehicle of a body we live in. How freaking awesome the brain really is!

Love your Brain <3

Being able to break down the thought processes of our brain and having a little bit of knowledge as to how the structures of the brain works ( Science is learning new things about the brain everyday!), helps me to figure out what I need in the moment to remain calm, speak my truths, stay organized, be confident and battle all of the fears I come up against every day!


So here I am!

My goal is clear! To continue to do the soul searching work of helping others design, build and maintain their happiest life, and view themselves through a clear lens that I get to capture.

I’m here to help you get to know your core self! I love doing the inner soul searching work and pairing it with my knowledge and education on the brain. Work with me to uncover old conditioned beliefs you’ve been carrying around and get to know how your brain and mind work uniquely to YOU!

I think of what I do as me being the compass to your mind. Point me in the direction you want to go and we will work together to find your true north.

Find out more on the work with me page!

Why Happiness Engineer:

Engineer: Someone who designs builds or maintains engines, machines or public works.

I don’t know much about engines or machines but I do know the mind, and I’m pretty good at helping others find their happiness.

So therefore,

Happiness Engineer: Someone who designs, builds or maintains Happiness of the mind.

I equip people with navigational tools to create, build and maintain a life that feels authentic to them. Making happiness the journey not the destination.

Bliss Photographer:

Speaking of Happiness Engineering, this came about after I did the inner soul searching work myself. Photography allows me to express my creative side while being fully submerged in the moment. In my blog you will see my photos the way I view the world and the incredible stories that go along with them.

I created a photo blog after a word pairing was downloaded into my mind while driving home from work one night.

Truly Youniversal

The ultimate, core of a person and their relation to the universe! I had wrote the word and meaning down but had no idea what I would do with it for months!! ( It downloaded slowly… ) But here it is!

I also do Photography packages. Message me for details.

Check out some of my photography by clicking the link above! And while your at it, check out Truly Youniversal on Insta or Facebook

Ways to Connect With Me

Email- Brittany.Galipeau@gmail.com

Instagram handle: Brittgalipeau

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/brittany.galipeau.5

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